Places of Hamilton County

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Alabama Furniture Company, 912 Market Street - 1950s

battle_of_lookout.jpg (67354 bytes)

The Battle of Lookout Mountain
Submitted by June Cooper

broadstreet.jpg (72651 bytes)

Broadstreet in Chattanooga, Before Extension

Burns Farmhouse. Greenwood Road, Harrison, TN
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

cameron_hill.jpg (47363 bytes)

Cameron Hill, Chattanooga 1888

Chattanooga, Tennessee - Aerial View 
Submitted by Linda Coulter, Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga_1863.jpg (63685 bytes)

Chattanooga - 1863

Chattanooga Outskirts - 1865
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

chickamauga_dam.jpg (62283 bytes)

Chickamauga Dam Construction - 1938
Submitted by Becky Thomas

city_auditorium.jpg (69845 bytes)

City Auditorium, Chattanooga  First city auditorium on East 9th Street, between Lindsay & Georgia Ave. Destroyed by fire, 6/19/1916

Civil War Military Bridge At Chattanooga 1863
Submitted by Linda Coulter - Chattanooga, TN

chattanooga_1871.jpg (56215 bytes)

A Bird's Eye View of Chattanooga - 1871
Courtesy of James Douthat and Mountain Press

municipal_building.jpg (62505 bytes)

Chattanooga Municipal Building East Eleventh Street Erected in 1908

municipal_building2.jpg (53374 bytes)

Chattanooga Municipal Building Georgia Ave & Market Square. Was called the Market House and  converted into City Hall. Used until 1908.

chattanooga_1886.jpg (94995 bytes)

Chattanooga 1886 Population 30,000
Courtesy of James Douthat and Mountain Press

city_hall.jpg (17122 bytes)

Chattanooga City Hall Corner of 4th & Market Streets. Old military prison used during Civil War by both armies. Later used as City Hall & Police Headquarters.

chickamauga_boat.gif (46894 bytes)

Chickamauga Boat Harbor - 1938
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

clift_home.jpg (84734 bytes)

Clift Home - Soddy, Tennessee

Confederate Prisoners at the Chattanooga Train Depot - Submitted by Phebe Morgan

cravens_house1.jpg (36503 bytes)

Craven House, Lookout Mountain, TN

Crutchfield_House.jpg (51098 bytes)

Crutchfield House, 9th & Broad Streets

snowhill_house.jpg (42960 bytes)

Douglas Home - Built by Rev. Hiram A. Douglas in 1851 on Snow Hill Road. Photo take in the mid 1930's. The house is still standing today.
Submitted by Phebe Morgan.

downtown_Chatt.jpg (56876 bytes)

Downtown Chattanooga 1930's Banner of radio station WAPO owned by Raymond Patterson.  Submitted by Gary P. Martin

First Baptist Church of Chattanooga - 1929
Submitted by Karon Anderson - Miami, FL

First Baptist Church of Chattanooga - 1940
Submitted by Karon Anderson - Miami, FL

Hamilton County Courthouse 1890. This courthouse was struck by lightning in 1910 and burned to the ground. Submitted by Linda Coulter-Chattanooga, TN

Hamilton County Courthouse 1912 
Present day courthouse. Submitted by Linda Coulter-Chattanooga, TN

H. A. Haney Home - 1937
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

Hardy_Jr_High.jpg (43657 bytes)

Hardy Junior High School
Submitted by Fran Holden

Rosecrans_headquarters.jpg (56903 bytes)

Headquarters of General Rosecrans During the Siege of Chattanooga, 1863

jumping_horse.jpg (86357 bytes)

Jumping Horse at Lake Winnepesaukah - 1939
Submitted by Gary P. Martin

Krystal1.jpg (35591 bytes)

First Krystal Restaurant in Chattanooga
Submitted by Connie Baumann

lookout_hotel.jpg (52007 bytes)

Lookout Hotel, Lookout Mountain built in 1929. 

lookout_mountain.jpg (47183 bytes)

Lookout Mountain as seen from the Chattanooga National Cemetery. Courtesy of Jerry Stephens.

Lookout Mtn Inn.jpg (99441 bytes)

Lookout Mountain Inn  Destroyed by fire November 17, 1908

Lookout Valley Baptist Church Early 1940's
Submitted by Anne Wilson

lulu_falls1.jpg (41669 bytes)

Lulu Falls - Lookout Mountain, Georgia
Submitted by Gloria Seymour

Elias P. Jones Meat Market 518 Gilmer (8th) Street, Chattanooga 1900's
Submitted by Gary P. Martin - Harrison, TN

Market Street, Chattanooga, TN 1909 
Submitted by Linda Coulter

Marks Meat Market, 9th Street, Chattanooga, Circa 1921
Submitted by William Sharp

Martin Block, Corner of Ninth & Market, Chattanooga, Late 1800's
Submitted by Gary P. Martin

moccasin_bend.jpg (46278 bytes)

Moccasin Bend  Tennessee River from Point Park on Lookout Mountain.
Prior to Interstate 24. 

Monger Family Home - Rufus and Cleopatra B. Robeson Monger
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

montgomery_farm_2.jpg (79318 bytes)

Montgomery Family Farm - Ooltewah, TN.
Submitted by Keith Ott

N_Chatt_PO.jpg (35237 bytes)

North Chattanooga Post Office Circa 1930

ochs_monument.jpg (67503 bytes)

Ochs Memorial  In Point Park, Lookout Mountain

Parade_on_Market.jpg (110867 bytes)

Parade on Market Street, 1890

Parker_house.jpg (45182 bytes)

Parker Home - St. Elmo Avenue, Chattanooga. Former homestead of Wiley Francis & Mary Elizabeth Fryar Parker. Photo courtesy of Ed Tankesley.

patterson_homestead.jpg (42231 bytes)

Patterson Homestead

peerless_mills.jpg (85626 bytes)

Peerless Mills - Chattanooga c1940
Submitted by Martha Ladd

point_hotel.jpg (96226 bytes)

Point Hotel On Lookout Mountain, later destroyed by fire.

point_park.jpg (83590 bytes)

Point Park Entrance Lookout Mountain, built to resemble Army Corps of Engineers insignia.

underwood_bettye_jane.jpg (49601 bytes)

Pound Building 1944. TVA employees drawing overseas maps for the War Department. Bettye Jane Underwood second on right. Submitted by Gary Martin.

Home of Chief John Ross built in 1758
Submitted by Linda Coulter

redbank_cityhall.jpg (138752 bytes)

Red Bank City Hall Dedication 1967
Submitted by Dennis C. Wilson

redbank_aerial1969.jpg (217330 bytes)

Red Bank Aerial View 1969
Submitted by Dennis C. Wilson

ritchie_home.gif (56703 bytes)

Rex Ritchie Home - Located in Old Harrison prior to flooding for Lake Chickamauga.
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

spring_festival.jpg (49428 bytes)

St. Elmo Spring Festival 1902 Walden's Ridge Float
 Submitted by Alma Webb

shafer_store.jpg (43684 bytes)

Store of  Dr. William Augustus Shafer Whiteside Street, 1900
Submitted by Gloria Shafer Seymour

Arthur Tallant Family Home
Submitted by John W. Henson

Tallant School and Church
Submitted by John W. Henson

terminal_station.jpg (53520 bytes)

Terminal Station Located on Market Street. Home of the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

union_station.jpg (40311 bytes)

Union Depot Built in 1882 on 9th Street (MLK). Demolished in early 1970s.

chiefs_umbrella_rock.jpg (127385 bytes)

Umbrella Rock, Lookout Mountain Fire Chiefs convention 1904

U. S. Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry - Pattern Department
Submitted by William A. Sharp

w_road.jpg (80383 bytes)

Walden's Ridge and the "W" Road 1907
Submitted by Gloria Shafer Seymour

walnut_street.jpg (33671 bytes)

Walnut Street, Downtown Chattanooga 1900s
Submitted by Alma Webb

Walnut_St_bridge.jpg (29276 bytes)

Walnut Street Bridge - Early 1900s
Submitted by Gary P. Martin

Warner_Park.jpg (38597 bytes)

Warner Park, 1930s
Lifeguard Paul Jones. Submitted by Gary P. Martin

Yarnell_house.jpg (101642 bytes)

Yarnell House circa 1935
Submitted by Phebe Morgan

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