Collegedale Elementary School

Grades One through Eight


School Year 1938 - 1939


Front Row  (Left to Right)

Warren Gepford; Bobby East; Bobby Swafford; Anita Ballard; Ray Edgmon; Marvin Hickman; Dick Byrd; JWHenson; Kathryn Edgmon; Loretta Ballard; Roger Van Arsdale ; Albert Carl Maxwell; Vance Byrd

Row 2

Margarita Dietel; Bonnie Snide; Ruth Snide; Betty Aiken; Olivia Brickman-Dean (Teacher); Grace Green (Principal) ; Myrtle Maxwell (Teacher); Eloise Rogers; Carolyn Thompson; Fred Fuller; Don Byrd; Rex Rogers


Row 3

Iris Byrd; Grace Virginia Maxwell; Evelyn Rafferty; Mabel Manuel; Mary Helen Cross; Mary Kay Woods; Betty Swafford; Ted Byrd; LaVerne Fuller; Melvin Hickman


This list of names was furnished by Neall Bottomley, Harold Miller, Jr., J.R. Tallant, June Snide-Hooper, Bonnie Snide-Holbrook, James Aikman, Ruby Aikman-Shields, LaVerne Fuller, Fred Fuller, Bob East, and Warren Gepford.  I am grateful for their assistance in identifying these illustrious scholars.


Biographical Portraits


Warren Gepford was the son of John Gepford who was the manager of the ‘Collegedale Industries’.  At this time they lived in the little house between the College Press and Lynn Wood Hall.  That was the house where the W.C. Starkeys had lived.  Warren was a happy, cheerful, friendly lad, and I always liked him. (JWH)


Bobby East was a good friend of mine.  He, his parents and two sisters lived across the tracks from the Hickman house.  Bob joined the navy and then went back to school at SMC and became a SDA minister.  He married Marie Wrenn.  (JWH)


Bobby Swafford lived in Apison with her sister Betty and parents Duff and Ruth Swafford. (JWH)


Anita Ballard was the daughter of Mr. and Ms. Dewey Ballard.  Dewey had a large 10 wheel coal truck and on Saturday, September 17, 1938, just after sundown, he and Lee Edgmon, my uncle, moved mother and me to our new Camp Road House. (JWH)


Ray Edgmon was the son of Lee and Dovie Ruth Edgmon.  They lived about 1-1/2 miles northeast from the College on Tallant Road.  Ray was my first cousin and a lovely lad.  He had a Jenny that he rode to school, weather permitting. Lee had built a small stall as shelter for the beast and dropped off feed from time to time.  The shelter was open on the east side facing the schoolhouse.  His siblings were Kathryn, Marchie, Virginia, Fred, and Joe. Ray came down with polio and was completely paralyzed for several years before his death. He married Barbara Sanders and had a daughter Raylynn.  Barbara married Don Jacobs after Ray died. (JWH)


Marvin Hickman was the son of James and Evangeline Hickman.  Mr. Hickman was a salesman for the Broom Shop.  They lived west of the College on Apison Pike.  (JWH)


Dick Byrd was the son of Rennie and Hazel Byrd.  He lived in the valley off Camp Road with his mother and siblings.  They later moved to Florida.  Dick joined the navy for 20 years.  (JWH)


JWHenson was the son of Will and Lucy Henson.  He and his mother lived on Camp Road. (JWH)


Kathryn Edgmon was the sister of Ray Edgmon. (JWH)


Loretta Ballard was the sister of Anita Ballard. (JWH)


Roger Van Arsdale left Collegedale about the year this photo was made.  I have no further knowledge of him.  (JWH)


Albert Carl Maxwell was a nephew of Miss Myrtle Maxwell.  (JWH)


Vance Byrd was a brother to Dick Byrd.  (JWH)


Margarita Dietel was the daughter of Ms. Mary Dietel, a teacher at SJC.  They built a house on Camp Road in the early 1940s.  (JWH)


Bonnie and Ruth Snide were the daughters of Elder Snide who taught religion in the College.  They lived on Morning Side Drive.  (JWH)


Betty Aiken . . . “was my best friend. Her parents were separated with father living in one of the nearby states and her mother lived, when that picture was taken, up Camp Road, past where JWH lived. In earlier years Betty lived with Miss Maxwell in one of the little houses on the lower road, across from the gym. That was when Betty and I were in the 1st and 2nd grade, before her mother moved to Collegedale.” (Bonnie Snide-Holbrook)


Olivia Brickman-Dean was the wife of George Dean, who taught Chemistry and Biology at the College and Academy.  After Ms. Green left Ms. Dean became Principal of the Elementary School.  (JWH)


Grace Green was the wife of Mr. Green who was the College’s Business Manager.  She was the Elementary School Principal and taught education at the College.  (JWH)


Myrtle Maxwell was a much loved Elementary School teacher.  She was teaching the second grade the year this photo was made.  (JWH)  Mother died at age 79 in 1979 the same year that Myrtle Maxwell died.  (Albert Carl Maxwell)


Eloise Rogers lived at the foot of the hill on Camp Road with her mother and brothers.  (JWH)


Carolyn Thompson was the daughter of John Thompson the President of Southern Junior College.  She was born on February 29 (leap day) and only had a birthday every four years.  (JWH)


Fred Fuller. He was probably wearing short pants that came just below the knee, called knickers in olden days! (Bonnie Snide Holbrook)  Fred married my first cousin, Dorothy Edgmon.  He was instrumental in founding the City of Collegedale and was its first Mayor.  He was the State Farm Insurance Agent until his retirement.  (JWH)


Don Byrd was a first cousin to Dick Byrd.  His parents were M.D. and Helen Byrd.  They lived out Camp Road.  Don later worked at Starkey Printing Co. in Chattanooga.  He married Vivian Lehman.  (JWH)


Rex Rogers was a brother to Eloise Rogers.  (JWH)


Iris Byrd was the sister to Dick Byrd.  (JWH)


Grace Virginia Maxwell was Carl’s sister.  (JWH) Grace died in 1985 the day following Christmas. I was with her when she drew her last breath. A four year battle against breast cancer she fought with her characteristic persistence.  (Albert Carl Maxwell)


Evelyn Rafferty was Canadian and lived for a short time in Lucy Henson’s house on Camp Road.    (JWH)


Mabel Manuel was Canadian and lived in the “Hill Top House” on Camp Road.  When the King and Queen of England came to the United States to secure our involvement into World War II, my mother and I went to Washington with the Manuels to see the Royal pair.  (JWH)


Mary Helen Cross was in the 8th grade and lived over near Ooltewah. Neither June (Snide Hooper) nor I can remember her first name. (Bonnie Snide Holbrook) Mary Helen‘s brothers were Wilber, Herbert and Clark.  They were carpenters and builders.  (Fred Fuller)  They lived on Apison Pike over where the road up to C&P Enterprises is now. Their home was torn down a few years ago. They moved to Crossville a long time ago. I know nothing of them now.  (LaVerne Fuller)  The Cross men built the Spring House at the Huse Edgemon residence at the corner of Tallant and Edgemon Roads back in 1932.  One of them had a hernia operation while they were building the Spring House.  (JWH)


Mary Kay Woods lived two houses past where we lived. Her father was Math teacher in college. I knew her fairly well. (Bonnie Snide-Holbrook)


Betty Swafford was the sister of Bobby Swafford.  She married Bill Giles.  (JWH)


Ted Byrd was a brother to Dick Byrd.  He spent his working life at the Review and Herald Publishing Co.  (JWH)


LaVerne Fuller was the brother to Fred Fuller and the son of George and Myrtle Fuller.  They lived out Tallant Road just across the creek. He became a Physician then later retired in the Collegedale area. (JWH)


Melvin Hickman was the brother to Marvin Hickman.  He was a SDA minister.  (JWH)



The picture was taken when I was in the 5th grade, spring of 1939. Mrs. Dean's first year at Collegedale was also first year Margarita Dietel was there. The Annual would have been for the school year 1938-39.

(Bonnie Snide-Holbrook)