Ooltewah Elementary School


First Grade

School Year 1937-1938

Mrs. Ethel Miller, Teacher



Front Row (Left to Right)                                                                                           Photo at south entrance of building

                Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Billy McGhee, Norman Johnson, Glee Moyer, Billy           Robinson, Unknown, Morris Long, Charlotte Blanchard, ______ Haynes, Unknown, Mrs.               Ethel Miller.

Second Row

                Unknown, Clara Ann Long, Unknown, Irene Pearson, Unknown, J. W. Henson, Buddy      (McGhee) Leamon, Juddy Everton, Unknown, Frieda Ann Robinson.

Third Row

            Edward Mullins, Howard Fairbanks, Hartley Sylar, Louis Howard (Sherlin) Fryer,             Unknown, John Reno, Unknown, _______ Bailey, Billie Ruth Wrinkle.



(Names given courtesy Hartley Sylar; photo furnished by John W. Henson III)