Last Will and Testament of 
George W. Howard


Just & Will & Testament of G. W. Howard

I, George W. Howard do make and Publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all others by me at any time made.

First: I direct that all my funeral Expenses and debts be Paid Then I direct the Executors of this will to pay the C. P. [Cumberland Presbyterian] Church in Ooltewah three thousand Dollars and Erect a mausoleum or monument to contain my boddy on some of the high Lots in East portion of Ooltewah if I have not bought one for this purpose when needed.


I desire that this monument cost about three thousand Dollars and to have a metal cast of my image (about life size) or have it carved out of stone and placed on or about it somewhere (A bust size will likely do). The Executors are required to set aside about $15.00 to be placed in bank for repairs and mowing gruns [sic] around it once a year and to see that this is done Every year. I desire that this monument be completed within six months after death and at and the above church be paid for out of the first money received. Pay Expenses of monument first in case there is not Enough money on hand to pay all of both. My boddy can be left with Harry Chapman or some reliable undertaker in Chattanooga who will keep it in a metal case or Vault until it is ready to be intered in the monument here.

Secondly- I direct that all the ballance of my Estate be converted to chash [sic] as soon as it can be sold for something more its Value and after paying the executors of this will a reasonable amount for thier servies, I desire that it be divided Equally among the white Baptist and Southern Methodist Churches m Ooltewah as the Christian Church is not being kept up here. I do not think it worth while to give them any thing unless the amount should exced (sic] three thousand dollars to each of the Baptist and Methodist Church mentioned above. On this case the executors can give ballance to the Christian Church. the leaders of the different churches ought to use their influence and helps the Executors to make the properlty sell for full value. And if they desire to return any favor for these donations that I make they can have my funeral preached and give monument a little attention when needed.

Fourth: [no thirdly given] I have no near relatives than cousins. And as they are scattered over the U.S. and part of them are unknown I do not think it best to attempt to make a division of the Estate among them.

Lastly: I do hereby nominate and appoint Mr. John Hall and Hamton Parches to be my executors I witness whereas of I do this my will set my hand this the sixth day of February One thousand nine hundred and twelve.

G. W. Howard

signed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator This the 6th day of February 1912.

Witness:          A. L. Tallant

Witness:          W. A. Lewis

H. L. Quille


In the year 1914 I offered to give the Baptist church in Ooltewah One thousand dollars of their part of this Will at Once if they would Employ Rev. W. L. Taylor for their minister One year and give them ballance at my death. They Refused to do so and sent me word that the church here did not need my money but would be glad for me to send it to a Baptist female college in Murfreesburough. But as I do not feel like sending it away from home and they do not want it. I direct the executors of my will to divide the part willed to the Baptist church in Ooltewah, Tenn. Equally among the Christian Church and the C. P. Church here provided the Christian church is organized and in operation at my death. If not, I direct them to give all to above C. P. Church. This 18th Sept 1914.

G. W. Howard


State of Tennessee}
James County}         I

I, C. Cofer Deputy county court clerk in and for the aforesaid county and state do hereby certify that the above and two pages of the foregoing Will of G. W. Howard is a true and genuine copy of the Original will as it appears of Record in Will  Book No 1 on an pages 29-30 closes on Page 31.

Witnesse my hand at office in Ooltewah, Tenn. on this the 3rd day of April 1917.

Jno. A. Hall county Court Clerk

By C. Cofer, D.C.

James County Will Book Pg. 29 - 31