Last Will and Testament of 
G. E. White

Last will and testament of G. E. White Dec'd

Chattanooga, Tenn Nov 3, 1910


I the undersigned do in this writing express my last will which is that at my death anything that I may be possessed both in real [and] personal property be given to my youngest surviving Sister.

G. E. White

[*Note: The following is found on a loose page inserted into the Will Book]

State of Tennessee}

James County}

In the county court of James County.

In the matter of the probate of the last will and testament of G.E. White, Deceased -

Before me E. C. Smith Chairman of the county of James County, Tennessee. Personaly appeared in open court O. F. Jones, J. E. Arms, G. E. Longley to me personaly known to be credible witnesses and who being firt duly sworn and examined by me and do depose and say that each knew G. E. White who died in Hamilton County, Tennnessee on March 19th 1917 for many years before his death that they had carefully examined the last will and testament dated Nov 3rd 1910 that said will and each word thereof are wholly in the hand writing of the deceased said will being found among his valuable papers that said writing appears to be the last will & testament that his name is subscribed to said will that the hand writing appears of said Deceased is and was well known by them personaly.

[reverse side of insert]

O. F. Jones

G.E. Longley

J. E. Arms

Sworned and subscribed to before me this 22 Sept 1917

E.C. Smith, Chairman

(The following letter is also found inserted in the Will Book pertaining to this will.]

O. F. Jones,

520 Temple Court Building.

Chattanooga, Sept, 19th, 1917.

Mr J. A. Hall,

County Court Clerk,


My Dear Sir:-

I will be there Saturday next to attend to some business with you in your Office. Thought best to advise of my coming. I will not get to your office until in the after noon on account of waiting on some gentlemen who will meet me there between two and three O'clock.

Yours very truly,

O. F. Jones [signed]


James County, Tennessee Will Book Page 36