Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church

Patten Chapel Interdenominational Church


            Patten Chapel Interdenominational Church was established in 1905. Many pastors served the church part time through the years. However, the first full time pastor to serve the church in 1936 was Assistant Pastor of Chattanooga First Presbyterian Church, Reverend Willard Alexander Peek. There is not much known about the early years of the church, because the original church was almost destroyed by fire in the mid-1930s, and all the church documents were destroyed in the fire. In 1939, the church congregation purchased the old Patten Chapel Grammar School for $1000.00 for Sunday school classes. Later the church remodeled the school building and this became the second home of the church. The original church building was sold for $450.00; it was dismantled and hauled away. On March 31, 1946, the congregation of the church after a long discussion with the old Knoxville Presbytery formed the Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church. Reverend Willard Peek officially became the first pastor of Lookout Valley Presbyterian and served it for another twenty-eight years. Because of the rapid growth the church experienced, in nine years ground breaking of a new church building was to held on May 22, 1955. On March 25, 1956 the new church building was completed and used for its first Sunday services.

In 1992, a major split in Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church occurred for theological differences. As a result of this split, many members established, Mountain View Presbyterian which is in the Presbyterian Church in America denomination. Mountain View Presbyterian Church is located on Brown’s Ferry Road.

Today Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church is still an active Presbyterian church. However, it is now in the Southeast Presbytery that serves the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and is still in its original location on Patten Chapel Road.


Patten Chapel Interdenominational Church 1930s

Patten Chapel Interdenominational Church Children in the 1920s

Second Home of Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church 1946-1956

Was first the Patten Chapel Grammar School closed in the 1930s

Third Home of Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church 1956-

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