Descendants of Clement Aldridge, Sr.

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Generation 2

2.  CLEMENT6 ALDRIDGE, JR. (CLEMENT5, JOHN4 ALDRICH, REV. HENRY ALDRED3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born 25 September 1636 in Worstead, Norfolkshire, England, and died 19 January 1697/98 in Northumberland County, Virginia.  He married ELIZABETH TILLES TILLS 18 October 1668 in Worstead, Norfolkshire, England. 



                   i.    CLEMENT7 ALDRIDGE.

                  ii.    WINIFRED ALDRIDGE.

                 iii.    ALICE GRACE ALDRIDGE.

                 iv.    ELIZABETH ALDRIDGE, b. 22 August 1669, Worstead, Northfolkshire, England.

                  v.    MARY JANE ALDRIDGE, b. 9 October 1670, Worstead, Northfolkshire, England.

4.              vi.    WILLIAM ALDRIDGE, b. February 1674/75, St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia; d. 20 January 1723/24, Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Cunty, Virginia.

                vii.    ISAAC ALDRIDGE, b. September 1678, Wicomico Parish, Northumberland County, Virginia.

5.            viii.    JOHN ALDRIDGE, SR., b. February 1678/79, Wicomico, Northumberland County, Virginia; d. 16 April 1720, Beaufort County, North Carolina.



3.  GEORGE6 ALDRIDGE (CLEMENT5, JOHN4 ALDRICH, REV. HENRY ALDRED3, JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born 1639 in Worstead, Northfolk County, England, and died 16 December 1679 in Talbot County, Maryland.  He married ANNE. 


Children of GEORGE ALDRIDGE and ANNE are:

                   i.    BENJAMIN7 ALDRIDGE.

                  ii.    GEORGE ALDRIDGE.

                 iii.    MARY ALDRIDGE.

                 iv.    THOMAS ALDRIDGE.

                  v.    GRACE ALDRIDGE.

6.              vi.    JOHN ALDRIDGE, SR., b. 1661, Northumberland County, Virginia; d. December 1702, Indian Neck Man, Talbot County, Maryland.

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