Descendants of Jonas Jenkins

Compiled and Submitted by Arlene Chissom

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Generation 1





According to Mr. Lucius Harvey, the Jenkins family in America is quite large.  At least 123 families came from England and landed in Maryland during the 1600's alone.  Sorting them out with positive proof was difficult.  The Jenkins family is of Welsh extraction.  A widely held tradition is that the family is Scotch-Irish.  This term refers to the British citizens (the majority of whom were Scotch) who resettled the Ulster province of Ireland in the early 1600's.

   It is believed the forebears of the Jenkinses came into England during the Norman Conquest of 1066.  The name is found as early as 1327 on English subsidy rolls.  The Jenkins surname is define as "Sons of John". It seems our first generation in America must have immigrated to the colony of Virginia during the large-scale Scotch-Irish emigration of the latere 1600's.  Our Jenkinses would have likely arrived through the Chesapeake Bay and migrated westward along the Rappahannock River. Generations pioneered the way to the Blue Ridge and the Shenandoah Valley, where the trend of migration turned to the south.


Child of JONAS JENKINS is:

2.                i.    SAMUAL2 JENKINS, b. Abt. 1735, Orange County, Virginia; d. Abt. 1796, Shenandoah County, Virginia.


Generation 2