James County, Tennessee

Goodspeed's History of James County

1890 James County Special Soldiers, Sailors, 
Marines and Widows Census

1919 James County Civil District Map

1902 James County Map

James County Marriages 1913 - 1919

James County Southern Claims Commission Index

James County Will Book 1887 - 1919

Goodspeed's Biographies of James County

Anderson, John
Burell, Thomas S.
Chesnutt, John C.
Chesnutt, Joseph D.
Childers, James C.
Eldridge, Jessie C.
Green, Jesse A.
Heaton, Jackson C.
Matthews, Pleasant L.
McDonald, Wiley P.
McCallie, William A.
Robert, Philip M.
Roddy, Thomas H.
Runyan, Simeon P.
Smith, John W.
Watkins, Zachary T.
Wells, George P.
Yarnell, Samuel I.

Photos from James County
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james_courthouse_1892.jpg (52676 bytes)

Second James County Courthouse and County Court c. 1895

james_courthouse_1913.jpg (64951 bytes)

Third James County Courthouse 1913

james_highschool_1910.jpg (55730 bytes)

James County High School 1910

james_co_court.jpg (119816 bytes)

James County Court circa 1900 -1900


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