Chattanooga High School Graduating Class of 1896

1st Row: Fred Bryan, Jennie Sisson, Mildred Sanders, Anne Snodgrass, Nell Morrison, Claude Pierce
2nd Row: Lucy Haley, Estelle Levi, Juliet Holtzclaw, Grace Duncan, Abbie Palmer, Mollie Dillard, Lucy Dillard
3rd Row: Rose Colburn, Blanche Goodman, Mamie Thompson
4th Row: Kate Hyde, Lena Hoff, Minnie Love, Gertrude Ross, Ina Fry, Courtwright Wilbur, Lucy Duncan, Nora Bashore, Myrtis Cavender, Norrine Sanders
5th Row: John Fletcher, Benjamin Beck, Young Colville, Ben Brown, Florence Saffer, Charles F. Hood, George E. Tower, Karl Q. Kirk, Maude Lillian Chambers, Annabelle P. Scott

Picture and Identification from Trimble Scrapbook