The History of the Lookout Valley Community


Richard Alexander McKeel

                   Chapter Eleven

“Annexation/What is the name of our Community?”


Annexation to the City of Chattanooga

            In 1976, the mayor of Chattanooga decided to annex the community of Lookout Valley . Mayor Robert Kirk Walker would find himself in a heated battle in the community. Many in the Lookout Valley community called this the second battle of Wauhatchie because this would prove a very unpopular decision, and many people tried their best to block the decision even taken it all the way to the Tennessee state capital, in Nashville . However, try as they might Chattanooga did annex Lookout Valley in the summer of 1976; the final judgment to annex was made by a Judge from Cincinnati , Ohio .

What is the name of our Community?

            Today, if you ask a number of people in Lookout Valley what’s the name of our community? You man get three names different names of the community. The three names one would here are Lookout Valley , Tiftonia, and Wauhatchie. The reason for this is that the area from the County Line to Browns Ferry Road was called Lookout Valley . The citizens along Wauhatchie Pike east to Lookout Mountain and to the Georgia Line would be the area known as Wauhatchie In the early 1970s, a vote was taken by the people of the community of Lookout Valley and winner was by a majority of the vote was Lookout Valley. As a result of this election, the name Tiftonia was officially removed from the interstate signs. This came about with the help of Councilman John Lively, then Mayor of Chattanooga, Gene Roberts, then Neighborhood President, Jerry Walls stated, “that Wauhatchie will stay on the back burner, because of the strong Native American Culture heritage of the area.”





Richard Alexander McKeel

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