The History of the Lookout Valley Community


Richard Alexander McKeel

Chapter Thirteen

“Cemeteries in Lookout Valley


“Father, and he is gone forever and left me here to weep, until I am called to follow him and in the grave to sleep.” Eathie Achley Tucker

  1. Baxter Cemetery

            Baxter Cemetery is a small family located off Cash Canyon Road in Lookout Valley . The cemetery is separated by a creek that flows down from Elder Mountain to the Tennessee River runs over the ground. The remains of an old water wheel once used to generate electricity for the owner of the property, still grace. The last year in which a person was that of Olin Elgin Headrick buried in the cemetery September 2002.

            Take Interstate 24 west and exit at Brown's Ferry. Turn right on Brown's Ferry Rd. and go 1.8 miles to Boydston Road . Turn left on Boydston road and right on O'Grady Drive . Go 4.8 miles on O'Grady Dr , which becomes Cash Canyon Road . A narrow dirt road curving off the right hand side of  Cash Canyon Road marks the entrance to the cemetery.

Baxter's Family Cemetery

2. Boylston’s Family Cemetery

The Boydston Cemetery land was donated by Cavanaugh Boydston. There are about two hundred very old unmarked graves. Eventually another part of the cemetery opened up, and there are several people who have been buried in the cemetery. Today, the cemetery is still used for people to be buried in.

To get to the cemetery take the Browns Ferry Rd. exit #175 off Interstate 24. Travel north 1.8 miles on Browns Ferry Rd. and turn left onto Boydston Rd. The cemetery is located next to the Riverside Baptist Church .

Boydston Family Cemetery

3. John Brown Family Cemetery

The Brown Family Cemetery was located near Brown’s Tavern. However, due to the construction of Valley View Elementary School the cemetery if it exists was located where the Chuck O’Mary Softball field is located now.

4. Burgess Family Cemetery

Burgess Cemetery is one of most difficult to find in Lookout Valley . Take Interstate 24 west toward Nashville . Take the Brown’s Ferry Road exit and turn right onto Brown’s Ferry Road . Travel 2.5 miles on Browns Ferry until the paved road ends. There is a gravel road through a gate which is also the entrance to The Classical Riding School. Take this road about 2/10 of a mile until you pass under the power lines and see a path which goes up hill on the right. The cemetery is at the top of the hill in a wooded area. The last person interned in the cemetery was that of Jack E. Charton who was buried there in May 2003.

Burgess's Family Cemetery

5. Cherokee Native American Burial Grounds

            Knowledge come form word of mouth. One that is real and the other is unknown for certain without an excavation.

The first one was located when the building of Cummings Cove was started two sets of Native American bones were found when building the community. These bones were reburied following a Native American Ceremony. The other burial ground if is real is located behind the manse of the Lookout Valley Presbyterian located at 435 Patten Chapel Road . 

6. Fryar Family Cemetery

One of the earlier cemeteries in Lookout Valley was that of the Fryar Family Cemetery . The land for the cemetery was donated by James Fryar. There are about thirty-six marked graves with twenty unmarked graves. The last time the cemetery was used was in the March 1976.

To get to the cemetery from downtown Chattanooga , take I-24 West toward Nashville . Take the Lookout Valley-Browns Ferry Road exit and turn left. Turn left on Parker Lane which is next to McDonald’s. Parker Lane curves to the left where you will soon see a gate blocking the road. This is the entrance to Fryar Cemetery . This gate is kept locked. The cemetery is fenced and very well kept. There are many graves marked only with stones. However, you will need to get permission to access the property. A word of caution the road is very ruff and you may need a four wheeler or walk to the cemetery.

Fryar Family Cemetery

7. Lakewood Memory Gardens West

This is the newest cemetery in Lookout Valley is located. Go I-24 West take exit 174. Make a left off the interstate. Make a right onto Highway 11 (Old Birmingham Highway) go down .5 miles and make a right onto Cummings Road and the cemetery is found on the right about .1 miles.

Lakewood Memory Gardens West

8. Lookout Valley Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Directly located behind the Primitive Baptist Church is a small cemetery. The cemetery was used to burry many of people who died in a "Yellow Fever" epidemic. There are no tombstones except one to mark the entrance of the cemetery. The epitaph on the tombstone reads, "DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF THE UNKNOWN WHO REST HERE AWAITING THE SECOND COMING OF OUR LORD."

Lookout Valley Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery


9. MaGill's Family Cemetery

            The land was given for the cemetery by John Magill. A survey of the cemetery was done in March 2003. The survey found the cemetery neglected and in very disrepair.  The last time the cemetery was used was in 1965.

            To find the cemetery take I-24 West to exit 174 (the last exit before the
Georgia line). Go left on US41 for about 100 yards, then right on US 11 heading south. Go approximately 1.5 miles to entrance to Tiftonia Quarry, which is just before a railroad underpass. The cemetery is on the property of the quarry and you need permission to gain access to the cemetery. 

MaGill's Family Cemetery

10. Nabors Family Cemetery


The Gill or Neighbor Family Cemetery is very hard to locate. Take I-24 West take Exit 174 make a right go about .2 miles to Highway 11 (Old Birmingham Highway). Take Highway 11 to the intersection of Wauhatchie Pike, which is about three miles. Go onto Wauhatchie Pike you will see Kenco on the hill the cemetery was located in the middle of the warehouse. The people who were buried in the cemetery were removed in May of 2002 and placed in a cemetery in Dade County , Georgia.

11. Parker /O’Barr Family Cemetery

From Chattanooga take I-24 West and take the Browns Ferry Road exit. Turn left and travel 1/2 mile to Cummings Road . Turn left on Cummings Highway and take the Drew Road , which is First Street to the left. The cemetery lays 2/10 of a mile on the left hand side of the street. The Cemetery has one person who is buried who is an American Revolutionary Veteran. The cemetery is on private property you will need special permission to be on the property.

Parker/ O’Barr Family Cemetery

12. Rowden Springs (Civil War and Native American Cemetery )

            To get to the cemetery, go I-24 West to exit 175. At the bottom of the exit ramp make a left go about .2 miles. Onto Cummings Highway make a left onto Aster Avenue follow the road to Rowden Road the cemetery is directly in front of you. The cemetery is slowly being destroyed by the four wheelers that use the property.  There are some eighty graves that are marked the only grave that was mark was that of John McNamare died June 15, 1852 . Unfortunely, his tombstone has been destroyed.

Rowden Springs Cemetery (Civil War and Native American Cemetery )

13. Sharp Family Cemetery

            This cemetery only consists of only two graves, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Sharp, and is located on the back side of the Thompson Family Cemetery at the foot of Elder Mountain . It is very rough terrain to gain access to this cemetery. Again you will need special permission to gain access to the cemetery.

Sharp Family Cemetery

14. Slave Cemetery

            There is one cemetery located on the bottom of Lookout Mountain on the west side of Lookout Valley near Garden Road . This was a slave cemetery

used till the early-to-mid 1800s.

15. Thompson Family Cemetery

            The Thompson Family Cemetery lies on private property on Cash Canyon Road . From downtown Chattanooga travel west on Interstate 24 and exit at Brown's Ferry Road . Turn right on Brown's Ferry Road and go north 1.8 miles turning left on Boydston Road . Turn right on O'Grady and go 3.6 miles. The cemetery is located on the left hand side of the road and not visible. There is a small dirt road marked with "No Trespassing" signs. The cemetery is approximately 500 yards up a steep hill in the woods. The land for the cemetery was owned originally by William Berry Thompson. 

Thompson Family Cemetery

16. Title/ Whittenburg Family Cemetery

Tittle Cemetery is located on the side of Elder Mountain in the Lookout Valley/Tiftonia area of Chattanooga . It lies off Cash Canyon Road on private

property belonging to William Foster. It is a family cemetery believed to have been established by David Tittle. The last time the cemetery was used was in October 1988.

Tittle/Whittenburg Family Cemetery

The Following Cemeteries are Located in Marion County; however, they are some of the earlier families of Lookout Valley

Kelly’s Ferry Church of God Cemetery

            The cemetery is located on old US 41 and is seven tenths of a mile from the Hamilton/Marion County Line. How to get to the cemetery is take Interstate twenty-four west bound to exit 174. At the bottom of the exit take a right turn and go about three miles till you get to the Kelly’s Ferry Church of God on your left. The cemetery is located behind the church in a wooded area and is accessible by car; however, it is very difficult to travel by road.  The cemetery has numerous unmarked graves and the interments are not laid in rows. However, they were spread out so it will be difficult to locate those who are buried there. The last time a person was intern in the cemetery was in 1986.  

Kelley’s Family Cemetery

The McNabb Family Cemetery

            The McNabb’s Family Cemetery is also located near the Hamilton/Marion County Line. Approximately .2 miles from the Hamilton County Line the land was donated by Claude McNabb; however, the land around the cemetery is around the Tennessee Valley Pump Storage Plant.  To get access to the cemetery take Interstate twenty-four west to exit 174 make a right at the bottom of the exit. Then go about one-and-half miles to the pump storage plant entrance and the cemetery is located about one-and-half a mile down the road on the right side. The last time a person was in-turn in the cemetery was in 1999.

There may or may not be other cemeteries located in Lookout Valley .


However, due to the construction of many homes and business many cemeteries maybe lost forever. Therefore, watch your step you may find yourself in a sunken grave or that bolder you may pick-up may be in actually a skull.





Richard Alexander McKeel

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