The History of the Lookout Valley Community


Richard Alexander McKeel

Chapter Fifteen

“The Present”

            In 1967, the Tennessee Highway Patrol placed the Chattanooga Office in Lookout Valley where it remains today. From 1967 through the late 1980s the Driver Licenses Testing Center was located at the Highway Patrol Office; however, the testing center moved to a new location on East Third Street in downtown Chattanooga . Over the last few years many businesses have come and gone in Lookout Valley . They include many hotels and motels many industrial businesses such as Chattanooga Labeling, which came in 1994, and Cracker Barrel Restaurant, which came in 1994.

In 2001, Covenant Transport came to Lookout Valley building a nice state of the art building on-top of Tinker Hill. The Building houses the Covenant Offices, the dispatch office, a shopping center, restaurant, and the repair shop. In 2002, Covenant Transport bought the Holiday Inn Complex on Cummings Highway and today it is the home of many of the truck drivers who work for Covenant, and also is now also home of the training center for future truck drivers.


Covenant Transport Facility found on Tinker Hill


A newer photograph of our community, in which if you see the photo on the cover this is the same place it was taken




Richard Alexander McKeel

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