The History of the Lookout Valley Community


Richard Alexander McKeel

Chapter Four

“Education of Children in

Lookout Valley

1. Elementary and Primary Schools

            There have been numerous schools that have been located in the Lookout Valley community over the years. One of the first schools were located in Lookout Valley was that of the Auger Whole School , it was closed due to a fire in 1909.  Another, small school was the Riverside School House found in Cash Canyon Road ; the school closed in 1917 with the United States entry into World War One. What is known about the school is the headmaster of the school was Mr. Alonzo Title, who he served as headmaster till the closing of the school. The Patten Chapel Grammar opened in 1910; however, it was closed in the mid-1930s due to the newly opened John Allen Patten Elementary School that was located on Kelley’s Ferry Road . John Allen Patten Elementary school served as a school for almost sixty years when it was closed in May 1989

            Due to the excessive numbers of students at John Allen Patten Elementary the Hamilton County Schools authorized the building of a new elementary school in 1960. In 1962, Valley View Elementary School opened its doors for grades K-6. At the end of the 1988-1989 school year Valley View Elementary School and John Allen Patten Elementary School joined to form one elementary school in Lookout Valley .

In 1992, Valley View Elementary School that teachers and parents voted on changing the name of Valley View Elementary School to that of Lookout Valley Elementary School .

2. Junior High Schools

            In 1925, Hamilton County Schools opened Lookout Junior High, which served as the Junior High for many of the students of Lookout Valley after the completion of their elementary school years.  Numerous youths attended this school till the completion of Lookout Valley Junior High in 1957.  The school was closed in 1974, and for many years held the offices of the Chattanooga City School Offices. Until 1998, when the Chattanooga City Schools merged with the Hamilton County Schools to create one School System. Today the former school is used for many offices of the Hamilton County Schools, like the Junior ROTC offices.

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Lookout Junior High located on West 40th Street .  Photo Taken by Harmon Jolley

3. High School Years

For the high school years many teens after finishing grade nine could attend one of three different schools. Theses schools were Central High School (open in 1907-1969 till the school moved to Harrison ), Chattanooga High School (Opened 1874) located on east 4th street , or Kirkman Technical (1937-1991). However, eventually Lookout Valley Junior High School expanded became Lookout Valley High School . Lookout Valley High School graduated its first senior class in 1973. In September 1989, sixth graders were placed in Lookout Valley High School to convert the Lookout Valley Junior High and High School to Lookout Valley Middle and High School.

Central High School on Dodds Avenue



Chattanooga High School Over The Years


Masonic Building  
Gillespie & Early Streets 
1874 – 1891


" Old Academy
Gillespie & Early Streets
Used from 1891 – 1896


D. C. McMillian House
111 Gilmer (8th) Street 
1897 – 1904


Dickinson Building
413 E. 8th St.  
1905 - 1921


Wyatt Hall
East 3rd. &
Riverside Dr. 1921 – 1937


Wyatt Hall - Added Wings
East 3rd. & Riverside Dr. 1937 – 1963



Chattanooga High School
1331 Dallas Rd. 1963



Kirkman Technical School located on Chestnut Street


4. Private Schools in Lookout Valley

The first private school in Lookout Valley was created by the members of the Wauhatchie United Methodist Church ; the school was located on Wauhatchie Pike in the same building as the church. However, this school was closed in 1945 because the building was considered unsafe.

            The second Private School of Lookout Valley was created in 1972, Tiftonia First Baptist Church . Tiftonia Christian School served the valley for twenty-one years until it was closed in 1993, due to lack in enrollment.

A side note the 1970s saw around 1,550 students attending the three public schools in Lookout Valley . However, by 2000 due to the large amounts of magnet schools, private schools, and the popularity of homed schooling only about 1,003 students attend the two public schools in Lookout Valley . Eighty percent of the population of Lookout Valley has a high school diploma or GED, and around thirteen percent of the citizens of Lookout Valley have a college degree.

Schools that were in Lookout Valley


Riverside School House Cash Canyon


Patten Chapel Grammar School


Wauhatchie United Methodist School


John A. Patten Elementary School


Tiftonia Christian School


Lookout Valley Elementary School


Lookout Valley High School 1957-Present





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