The History of the Lookout Valley Community


Richard Alexander McKeel

Chapter Six

“Arts and Entertainment"

            Much of the arts in the area have come about through the years because of the reopening of John A. Patten Elementary School as a community arts center. The center is home of the “Busy Bee Quilters,” Chattanooga Wood Workers Association, “ Tennessee Ballet School ,” and countless other arts and crafts organizations.

            Lookout Valley High School has a marching band who has received excellent to superior ratings at band competitions in their early years. In addition to the band, the local high school has an award winning arts program and excellent drama, vocal, and choir program.

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Lookout Valley Chorus Practice singing in fall 2003 at Christmas at the Courthouse.

Movies that have used the scenic beauty of Lookout Valley

            The nature beauty of Lookout Valley has even brought Hollywood to Lookout Valley . The movies The Night the Lights went out in Georgia and Starman were filmed in parts of Lookout Valley . In addition The Light in the Forest staring Fess Parker was filmed in Lookout Valley . This is unique because many of the extras were Lookout Valley Citizens; for example Raymond "Bubba" Fryar acted as a stand in as portraying Mohawk Native American.

Media in Lookout Valley

            In 1961, WFLI Radio “Jet Fly” moved to a new location on of O’Grady Drive . In the station’s early years the station played rock and roll music. Today, WFLI is still in Lookout Valley and now has become a Christian Radio Station, located on 1070 on the AM radio dial.

WFLI Radio on O'Grady Drive since 1961

The Lookout Valley Community even has its own newspaper, The Lookout Valley Informer. The paper is put together by Editor Jewell Smalley, Sam Tucker, his wife Kim, and many people in the community have contributed to the articles to the paper since the mid-1990s.


Lookout Drive-In

            Would you have believed there once was a drive-in located in Lookout Valley ? On the present site of Lookout Valley Recreational Vehicle Park on Old US 41 was home of the Lookout Drive-In, one of the only five drive-ins around the city of Chattanooga . The other four were located on Twenty-Third Street , Hixson Pike, South Broad Street , and the last one was found in Red Bank. From the 1940s through the early 1960s this was a place where families and young couples went to see movies such as Old Yeller, Rebel without a Cause, and in countless other movies. In 1956, the drive-in was sold and the early 1960s the Lookout Drive-In was gone.

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This is not a photo of the Drive-in that was out here but according to a reliable source this is very similar to the one that was located in Lookout Valley


Lewis Smith

            Lookout Valley is hometown of actor Lewis Smith born in January 1, 1957 , to Art and Maureen Smith who lived here for many years in Lookout Valley . Lewis was a member of the second graduating class of Lookout Valley High School in 1974. He attended college at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga , majoring in Theatrical Arts. Lewis Smith's first movie role was in Southern Comfort, which came out in 1981, but this would not be his last performance. Since then Lewis has been in countless films such as The Heavenly Kid, Toothless, In the Line of Duty, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai , Badlands, and the mini-series North and South Books One and Two, just to mention a few.

Currently Lewis Smith is a volunteer with the Donna Reed Foundation in Los Angeles , California .





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