The History of the Lookout Valley Community


Richard Alexander McKeel

Chapter Eight

“Political Figures That Called Lookout Valley Home”

1. Judge William Cummings

            One of the most prominent early citizens of Lookout Valley was John Cummings. John Cummings was a wealthy land owner in 1862; he married Rebecca Fryar, one of the daughters of Jeremiah Fryar Junior. John and Rebecca Cummings could only give birth to six children; one of their children was William G. Cummings, born October 12, 1872 . Will Cummings who later would later become a Hamilton County Judge who would be remembered as one of the founders of the Tennessee Valley Authority. Judge Cummings while on a hunting expedition lost one of his feet in an automobile accident traveling west.

Legend has it that when President Franklyn D. Roosevelt visited Judge Cummings, a close friend of the former president in the mid-1930s they both planned the Tennessee Valley Authority in order to tame the harsh Tennessee River. This organization would also help supply power to much of the Rural South. Judge Cummings was also a very religious man who worshipped at Lookout Valley Presbyterian Church. Judge Cummings died On March 10, 1969 . He and his wife, Lillian, are buried in Forrest Hills Cemetery in Saint Elmo. Today, in memory of Judge Cummings there are constant reminders throughout Lookout Valley to remind us of this great man.  Some of these are the portion of US 41 that goes through Lookout Valley to Jasper is called Cummings Highway . The road that goes up to his former home is called Cummings Road . The land in which, surrounded his farm is called Cummings Cove.  When he died a portion of his land was to be used for the Elderly and the Mentally Challenged. This land was given on behalf of the Cummings’ Foundation.


Judge William Cummings Hamilton County Judge (1926)


Judge Will Cummings with his good friend President Franklyn Roosevelt (1940)




Judge Cummings Home off Cummings Road



Burial Vault of the Remains of Judge Cummings, his wife, and his parents location Forest Hills Cemetery St. Elmo



2. Hamilton County Sheriff Franklyn Burns

            One of the most famous citizens of Lookout Valley ’s past was one of Hamilton County Sheriff's Franklyn Burns. Very little is known about of the sheriff, but he was a much respected person in the community. Also, he was a much respected man in the Hamilton County area. One interesting fact is that he held a small number of prisoners in his home on Pan Gap Road . Today Franklyn Drive in Lookout Valley bears his name in honor of this great respected law-man.

3. Chattanooga City Councilman John Lively

            John Lively a life long resident of Lookout Valley and has served the community proudly since May 1990 as a Chattanooga City Councilman. John Lively is married to Mrs. Margie Lively and they have three beautiful daughters who all went to Lookout Valley High School . Mr. Lively has served Lookout Valley as city councilman and represents the areas of Mountain Creek, Moccasin Bend, and Northwood Community.  John Lively is a very religious person who worships as a member of Lookout Valley Baptist Church . Mr. Lively also, sings in the choir and serves the church as a Deacon.

                City Council John Lively City 1990-

4. Hamilton County School Board Member Janice Boydston


            Janice Boydston was born in Virginia , but after completion of college moved to Flintstone , Georgia , where she was a teacher at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School .  One year later she moved into Lookout Valley . Mrs. Boydston has married to Buddy Boydston for over thirty years and has two children and two grandchildren. In the past years she has served Lookout Valley as a teacher, a formal school board member with the Chattanooga Public Schools, and currently a member for Hamilton County and serves District Six. Mrs. Boydston is a very religious person. Mrs. Boydston is a member of Wauhatchie United Methodist Church .

Ms Janice Boydston -- Hamilton County Board of Education -- District 6

     School Board District Six member Janice Boydston

5. Congressman Zack Wamp 1994-

            One of the newest people to move in to the Lookout Valley Community in the Cummings' Cove Sub-Division is Third Congressional Seat, Republican Zack Wamp.  Zack has lived here since August 2003. Congressman Wamp lives in Lookout Valley with his wife and his children. Congressman Wamp said in a meeting held by the Lookout Valley Neighborhood Association on December 4, 2003 that, "He has lived in Hixson and East Ridge ; however, Lookout Valley is the nicest and prettiest communities he has lived in."

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Zack Wamp Third Congressional Seat chair for the United States Congress





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