Melville is a small station about one mile south of Daisy. It was named after Melville Adams, who gave a piece of land to the railway company with the understanding that a station should be built thereon. The post office at Melville was established as Chickamauga, March 14, 1850, and changed to Melville, January 15, 1878, with Mr. Adams postmaster. George S. Card was appointed March 14, 1881, and the name of the office was changed to Daisy, December 12, 1883. One of the most remarkable natural phenomena in Hamilton County is the " Sunken Lake " or "Lake Llewellyn," near the top of Walden's Ridge, opposite Melville. It is oval in form, the top of the opening being in extent equal to about five acres of ground, the distance from the surface of the ground to the water being about one hundred feet and the depth of the water, which is as clear as crystal, being also about one hundred feet. The surface of the water is equal in extent to about three acres. On the west side the rocks rise perpendicularly from the water to the surface of the ground, on the north they slightly overhang, and on the other two sides they slope down to the water's edge. How this opening, nearly 200 feet deep in the solid rock, was made is as yet an unsolved problem.
Goodspeed's "History of Tennessee" 1887