Photo taken early 1940's

    Forty-one years ago a small band of people felt the need for a Baptist Church in Lookout Valley. So, on October 14, 1928 fourteen people assisted by the Rev. Tom Smith, pastor of the Alton Park Baptist Church organized our church.

    The name West Chattanooga Baptist Church was adopted on November 17, 1928 and later changed to Lookout Valley Baptist.

Rev. Frank Mosier, our first pastor served most of two years while services were being held in Patten Chapel Community Church until the Presbyterian Church took over the building for full time use. Permission was later obtained to use the John A. Patten School.

  On October 24, 1931, a committee was appointed

to select a building site. Our present location was selected. It consisted of two lots. One was donated by the late Judge Will Cummings. The other by the late Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boydston.

    On February 13, 1932, at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Tim Fryar, the church was reorganized and plans made to start a building at once.

Many donated labor and others materials. A group of men co-signed a note for $400 to buy the framing. Some of these were not church members or even Christians. Rev. J. H. Hisey served as pastor without pay.

    In March 1932, our first building was started and near enough completed to have the first service on the second Sunday of May, 1932. With chairs loaned by R. J. Coulter Funeral Home and desks borrowed from the school, an all day service with dinner on the ground was held. It was depression years, but with the help of our Lord, our church was built.

    We have come a long way from fourteen members in 1928 to 580 in 1969. Our present sanctuary was completed in 1962. The first floor of our Education Building was completed in 1954 and the second floor in 1963.


Pastor Edward Hovis, October 12, 1969

Photo of church choir early 1940's

Submitted by Anne Templeton Wilson